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Changing Our Name to CI Security

Alex Laws

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The team at Critical Informatics is pleased to announce that we are simplifying our name from “Critical Informatics” to “CI Security”!*

We elected to make this change for a couple reasons. “Critical Informatics” is long—it’s a lot to say over the phone and type in an email address. The word “Informatics” has been mistaken for similar words, and in healthcare, has led to an incorrect belief that we provide “Clinical Informatics”. While infrequent, these issues hinder our mission of providing world-class information security services.

“We’re excited to make this transition to CI Security because, quite frankly, it rolls off the tongue and aligns with our mission to protect digital health,” said Garrett Silver, CEO.  “Coupled with our investments in people and technology, our updated brand helps us help customers, so they can get on with their important work of providing critical services and delivering patient care.” Silver stated a deep appreciation for the prior name, however. “We carry our legacy in our simplified name, CI Security.”

Mike Hamilton, Founder and CISO, added, “This new chapter continues of our goal of providing exemplary security services, and that is not changing. Our suite of solutions, including our flagship MDR, CVI, and expert Information Security consulting services remain the bedrock of our focus.”

Customers will not see any changes other than updated branding in their materials. While the new website is available on our new URL,, the “” domain will continue to function and emails directed to the former URL will continue to reach their intended destination.


*Join the team at CI Security for our Name Change Celebration and Happy Hour on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018, 3-6 PM, in our Pioneer Square office in Downtown Seattle.  RSVP here.